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Ideas,Tips and Suggestions

On this page we welcome any Ideas, Tips and Suggestions from our Members.   Ideas, playing tips, suggestions for the websites and club in general would be very welcome.  As an online web based club it is possible that some ideas or suggestions may be beyond what we can put into practice.  However, do not let this deter you from posting as many positive alternatives may be born out of suggestions that we cannot necessarily fully implement. The possibilities of all suggestions will be carefully considered.

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  Bretts Tips                                         9/11/14     

Many of you will remember when the club first started, Brett Wales helped us with a 'Tip of the Month'

These 'Tips' are still on the site and you can access them by this link If you wish to have another look at them.

 Keeping your 'Touch Screen' clean        1/12/14   

I have read with interest how to keep the screen clean on the organ.  Mine being an abacus Duo.

I have used an extension from the usb connector on the back of the organ, Then I use a wireless mouse to operate the features on the main screen. The wireless adaptor is plugged into the Usb extension cable. This sends a signal to the Wireless mouse. The screen never gets touched and keeps it as new.

John E. Charles

                    Open Forum                5/12/14 

We have received a suggestion from our member Geoff Turner that it would be good if the club had an open forum.

When the club was first formed it was intended that there should be a forum and one or two attempts were made to try and achieve this but at the time it proved not to be a viable option so we shelved the idea at that point.

However, times have changed over the past few years and perhaps it is time to look at the feasibility of an open forum again.

Geoff has put forward some good thoughts on the subject of which Colin and I are discussing with him at present. Should any other members wish to add any thoughts to the suggestion, please feel free to contact us.  


    Keeping your 'Touch Screen' clean        29/10/14

A good tip received from Martin Dalton which may help reduce many finger marks on our 'Touch Screen's'

He suggests using a 'Capacitive Stylus'  that are available for iPads etc  This indeed would reduce the number of marks when setting up presets etc.



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