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Total Preset For Stardust - Deep Purple



The following Preset incorporates the use of the Expression Pedal "Crossfade" feature.

If you have not used this method of playing before it will need to appreciated that when the expression pedal is in the back position you will still have sound. After making the settings below put the expression pedal to the off/back position, start the ACC Style and play a few notes on the upper manual. Then adjust and set the volume control knob to a comfortable listening level, this will then be the peak level of sound with the pedal in the back position. It will get slightly louder when pushed forward.





Please note:- Until I find another way to do it, to get a correct print-out of the tables below you need to go to:- FILE then PRINT PREVIEW  then on the buttons on the top of preview page click FULL PAGE WIDTH then SHRINK TO FIT and click on 70% You could also turn off HEADERS & FOOTERS



       (Note there is now also a Word Doc. Template with the settings below, and also a blank Template that prints normally when saved to your computer. Right click mouse on Template and "save as target")







On/Off Volume Chorus Reverb Delay Octave Pan


  Upper 1    Auto Sax MF  On  46  std  std std  10  On
Upper 2 Soft Sax Sect. Loose  On  53  std  std std 0  115   On 
Upper 3 Sax Sect.1  On  45   std   std  std  + 1  64  On
Upper 4                  
  UPPER 3  WERSICHORD   Big Band Reeds    Operates on right hand footswitch
Lower 1 Horn Sect. Swell  On  30  std std std +2   64  std
Lower 2 Clarinet 2  On  65  std  std  std +1  64  std





  Aftertouch Mod. Wheel Pitch Wheel Piano Pedal Detune Expression Pedal Dynamic Curve
Upper 1   On   std  std  std std  -20  6
Upper 2  On  std  std  std -12 70   6
Upper 3  On  std  std  std  -4 100   6
Upper 4              
       Lower Split  B2      
Lower 1   std  std  std std  80   6
Lower 2   std  std  std std  50   4


Style & Tempo Song Drums Bass Acc 1 Acc 2 Acc 3 Acc 4/5

 "Wersi"  Miller Swing   Temp. 96

75 80 90 85 0 0 0
                                                                  ACCOMPANIMENT DISPLAY  ADVANCED SCREEN
                                                                  EXPRESSION  PEDAL  SETTINGS 

Downloadable Preset  "Stardust  Deep Purple"  

Right click mouse and "Save as Target"  50 50 50 50  50  Note The default STD setting for "Offset" is "0"