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Total Preset for the Tune "The Lonely Bull"

From George Bolton

The Preset for the "Lonely Bull" that George has made is more than just a Preset for a song. He has made it using a PDF format so that it is not only easy to see the settings on the screens, but also when printed out it can be made into a "Book Form" George explains how he uses the various sounds throughout the piece and also has  a custom style to go with the preset.

This style however will require you to have the OAA arranger with revision 33+ to be able to use it.   If you are unable to use this George has suggested the Wersi style "Bossa Rock" Tempo 116. 

Click here for the PRESET

To obtain the Custom Style, click on the "Downloads" link.


George also explains that this is an experimental idea and invites us to give our views and thoughts on the idea. A thread has been placed on the UK.Focus Forum for any comments you may have. 

My thanks to George for his contribution to the club.