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Below is a list that Daniel Watt has sent to me of Manuals and spare parts. Please call Daniel on 07973 423665 if you are interested in any of the items.



User Manuals  PDF File Construction Manuals

PDF File

Analog   Analog  
Condor DX 100   Multiguitar  
Bill Horn players Guide To Helios Orion   Wersivoice WV 7  
  AM 601  
  CX1/2 Drum E  
  BA 640 400 Watt Amp  
  Couplers Helios  
  Cosmos Aufbau  
  LE 30 Power Supply  
  Comet Central Electronics  
  Wersimatic Rhythm Helios  
  Wersimatic 2 Auto Accompniment  
  Wersimatic CX1  
  Orion Sound Computer  
  Helios Sound Computer  
  Galaxy Sound Computer  
  LE20 Power Chasis  
  Electric Keyers  
  Pianostar S2000  
  Special Effects  
  special Effects 2  
  Master Assembly Helios W2  
  Setzer Classica  
  Power Chassis LE 4  
  Zusatpiano W2-W3  
  Precision Generator  
  Digital Pedals  
  Zenit Wersivision  
    Spring Contact Clavier


DX Series   DX Series  
Bill Horn's DX400 / 500 User Guide   Alpha Technical Drawings  
Guide To Dx400 - DX500 Carl Wischmeyer Alpha  Master Assembly  
  Alpha DX 300 Technical Data  
  Prisma Technical Data  
  EX 10 Expander Omega DX10 Technical Data  
  Omega DX10 Assembly Manual  
CD Series   CD Series  
Penta KF 45   Penta KF 45 Master Assembly  
  Rackkfox KF 1 Master Assembly  
  RackFox Technical Data  
Keyfox KF10   Keyfox KF10 Master Assembly  
Cityfox KF 20   Cityfox KF 20  
City Rack KF 20      
Electra KF 90   Electra KF 90  
  Max 1 Technical Data  
  MAX 1 Master Assembly  
Arcus Volume 1   Arcus Master Assembly  
  Arcus Central Electronics  
  Arcus technical Data  
  Rhythm Unit / Microphone / Arcus CX45 Mega  
  Periheral Electronics CD 45  
  Stereo Loud Speaker Box  
  DH 50 Reverb  
  Swell Pedal  
  SL5 Slave Assembly  
  CX 700 Mega Drums  
  CD Line Technical Data  
  CD 700 Output Board  
  CD 700 Control Panel  
  LE 30 Power Supply  
  CD Line Central Electronics  
  DH 100 Reverb Unit  
  Power Amplifier PA106  
  NE 60  
  CD Line Pedal Board  
Klaus Wunderlich Spectra User Guide      
  Atlantis Master Asembly  
  Pegasus 1 - 2  
  Phonx Upgrade  
  Performer Uipgrade  
VEX 60E   VEX 60E  
  PS1 PS2 PS3  
  MST 4  
  Wersi Grand Piano  
  TS 5100 Speaker


CD Series Upgrades   CD Series Upgrades  
Livestyle   Livestyle assembly  
Giga Tower 48   Giga Tower 48  
Tip Tronic   Tip Tronic  
Golden Tower      
Golden Tower 48   Golden Tower 48  
  Giga Tower 48  
  Golden Tower    
  Golden Gate Fitting Instructions Tech Specs


  Golden Gate Installation  
Sound & Drum 2000   Sound & Drum 2000  
Tower XM      
OX 7   OX 7 Installation  
Pegasus Plus   Pegasus Performer Technical Specifications







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