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4 January 2012





OAS-7.1 R45 has now been revised to fix a few bugs that were found.
In addition the virtual buttons that were introduced with Selector Plus for the new layers, have now been extended for all layers, so you can now turn off/on any layer by touching the right side of the button, including (At last) the 1st layer.
All the changes and bug fixes are now shown in the Log files
A set of instructions have also appeared for R45 installation on the Wersi download site. (With loading from CD no longer an option)








23 December 2011




OAS-7.1 Revision 45


R45 Update Observations on Abacus Instrument. Information below received from Bill Gray.


Hi All

My review of R45


The following applies to OAS 7 NOT the Pegasus Wing which is a completely different update. (Details of the Wing Update can be found in the Pegasus Wing download section under the Services tab at www.wersi.de )


Have just uploaded R45 to my Abacus and have had a short time to rummage through what it contains, for the OS itself very little has changed, which considering the last update (R44) was last February is rather disappointing. (Not much of a Christmas present on that front)


NOTE: One change is that the activation codes have now been altered, so make sure you write the new ones down, as if you install R45 afresh the old codes will not work. (You will have to install an older version first if you only have the old codes)


Many of you will have been aware of mentions on the Wersi forums that a completely new Drum section was to be introduced in R45, however due to problems found during Beta Testing this has now been moved back to a later date and so will probably be included when the R46 update is released.  (Unlike Wersi, Music Store endeavour to make sure all updates work correctly before releasing them)




The VB3 VST now returns  (It was removed with R43 as Music Store (The New owners of the Wersi Brand Name) did not have the licensing rights to it) so if you are really into your Hammond you will be in your element. (If youíre not sure if itís for you, you can get a Trial code so you can try it first to make sure it does what you are looking for)


For demos of the VB3 VST you can go to the manufactures website http://www.genuinesoundware.com/?a=showproduct&b=24


The biggest part of R45 is the James Last Sound Pack (Of which you get 10 tryís so that you can decide whether it is for you or not) which contains new Pre-sets, Sounds, Effects, Styles, Drum Sets and Mixer Setups. (Including more Live Guitars which were first introduced with the Franz Lambert 2 Sound Pack)

The James Last Pack really is top notch from what I have tried so far, however you need the OAA option (Which has been standard on New Instruments for a number of years) to use the styles, so I have not been able to test these, but if the rest of the sound pack is anything to go by they will also be top notch. (10 mp3 demos are included in the update)














22January 2011


OAS-7.1 Revision 44


R44 Update Observations on Abacus Instrument. Information below received from Bill Gray. Many thanks, Bill.


1. No trial periods are now available (But see later)

2. More Factory Pre-sets (13) in Arabic tuning

3. Split points when touched show the additional split points added with Selector Plus, even if Selector Plus is not activated. (Presumably for Scala/Louvre users)

4. Selector Panel Advanced: Selector Plus volume combination check boxes still shown, without Selector Plus being activated

5. Mixer Panel: New FL2 Pre-set added

6. Effects Panel: New FL2 Reverb Added

7. Settings screen: Language: Nederlandís has now appeared in drop down box

8. Drum Edit Screen: New drum sounds & drum kits for FL2 (FL2 must be activated for use)

9. Activation Screen: 4 New Options Shown


A. Klaus Wunderlich Pack
B. Franz Lambert Pack 2
C. Sound Factory
D. Styles 2011


In addition when any non-activated option is highlighted, a new button appears for Test Activations, however this still brings up the Activation Screen. (Although undocumented, this test option has been available (In a different form) since OAS 7 was launched, but has now been bought to the fore)


10. Software Installation Screen: Load from Floppy & CD buttons have now been replaced with a single Software Installation Button, and when pressed it scans all storage devices (Including any USB connected devices) for the Install File. (Thus you no longer have to manually point to USB if you wish to upgrade via this option)

11 Log File Screen: R44 shows double note triggering in OAA has been improved (As I do not have the OAA, I cannot confirm this)

12. Demos: Mp3 demos of the new FL2 pack are now available in Quickload screen


Additional Information:


Styles 2011 require the OAA and Drums 2007 to also be activated.


FL2 Requires FL1, OAA, OX7 and Drums 2007 to be activated, in addition for best results on smaller instruments; the Selector Plus should also be activated.


Sound Factory is Stand Alone (Not recommended for those with Low Power CPU and Limited Ram)


Klaus Wunderlich Unknown at present; however in the latest Wersi Direct Newsletter a 4th option is mentioned as near completion.