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                            MAX1 Expander Help                     3/2/16



Well. my question is whether some of you can help me shape up my MAX1 expander. The Keyfox works like the first day.

I haven´t played a very long time. The equipment was "somewhere" in my house. Now I found it again and because I´m retired and have time to spend thought of playing again.

Max works in the meaning, that I can connect it with the midi cable and will get an "extra" voice. The Demo-Mode shows up but there is no sound. I opened the rig and found an old accumulator in corroded conditions (of course). As far as I can see there are two accus in a "holder". One 2.7V, one 2V, so together 4.7V. This may fit to 5V computer voltage. Do you think that with new accus and a proper charge the demo will work again? I play guitar too and think of using the Max as Drum- Assistent. You know how good the drumsets are. Can I use the Max with or without extra equipment for that job. It would be a lot more comfortable then taking anytime a Keyboard with me. I hope that you can help me. Thank you.

Best greetings from Moenchengladbach and all the best for you and your Club

Sincerely yours


If you can assist with the request please contact me initially at ken.wersiclub@btinternet.com  and I will forward any information.



Hello,                                                                             10/3/15

We’re a music store / repair shop based in Montreal, Canada, and specialized in keyboard repairs.

We desperately need the service manual / schematics of the Wersi Phoenix. Can anyone help us with this?


We also need a service manual for a Wersi CPF-1?

Thank you!


Atelier de Musique Analogix

4271, rue Beaubien est

Montréal, QC

H1T 1S7






          Wersi Arcus Manuals and ROM cards Wanted            14/1/15

Hi, I have an Arcus CD-45, and am looking for either original or copies of the user manuals. Also, I am interested in getting any rom cartridges. Do you have any of these items?

Thanks  Andy USA          akoledin@comcast.net




          Wersi CD Extra Advice Needed           15/12/14

A few months ago I bought a Wersi CD Extra. It has worked perfectly until last week when the Wersimatic Rhythm Section stopped producing any sound. The display shows the name of the selected rhythm with “x” in front and “syn” at the end. Rebooting the organ makes no difference. Can any member offer some advice, please?

Roel   Netherlands


  Request from a USA Member          5/4/14


Hi Folks


We have a request from a member from the USA for an English user manual for a Beta DX 400 AMS upgrade.


Also If anyone is knowledgeable about the Spectra [CD Line], he would be interested in communicating with them as well.


If you can assist with either request please contact me initially at ken.wersiclub@btinternet.com  and I will forward any information to him.




                     Wersi Arcus Advice Needed              8/8/14

Hi, All

I  purchased a (second-hand) a Wersi Arcus 45CD portable. What a tremendous tool! The previous owner(s) had fitted it with the RAM Tower, and its range is awesome.

However, the reason I bought it was as a “touring” portable organ – the Hammond XE200 + Leslie HL822 was being ruined by dragging it around. With its flight cases, the Wersi seems to fit the bill quite well. Up to now.

The previous owner sold it to me with a pair of 4ohm 200W specially-built passive speakers, which sound tremendous. Or, rather, DID sound tremendous, as they no longer make a noise. Which is why I am writing to you for help.

I have discovered two blown 4A fuses on the large PCB close by the toroidal transformer (the left-hand pair of 4 fuses).

Not only do the passive speakers not work, the “drum unit” fails to function, too. If I hook up an amplifier system to the “Line Out” jacks, all other functions sound fine – all drawbars, voices, ram banks – everything is fine, EXCEPT, as I said, the rhythm unit and the “amplified” output.

So, could anyone advise on the following, please –

  1. Where can I get a complete set circuit diagrams from? (with schematics too, ideally) – I am an electronics engineer, but not an organ specialist,

  2. If I need spare parts, is there a Wersi “Shop” that can supply components, and

  3. If I get stumped, are there any Wersi expert engineers I could contact?

Thank you in advance for your hoped-for reply.


Peter J. Field  B.Eng.(Electronics)

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