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Items Wanted

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 Items Wanted   

Please contact Ken at - ken.wersiclub@btinternet.com  for contact details, and quote the item number.

11)   Wanted -  A pack of 25 pedal board brass contact springs for my Spectra. 17/8/17
9)  Wanted, Wersi Gala, Spectra or Atlantis (UK)
7 Wanted - Discs for Wersi Phonix. 16/2/17
6)  Wanted - English Assembly Manuals for Wersi Helios 12/5/16
5Wanted - Expression pedal For Wersi Pegasus MK 1 12/10/15
4Wanted - English User Manual For Wersi Pegasus MK 1 12/9/15
3)  Wanted - CD700 memory cards for the Wersi ARCUS ORGAN 12/9/15
 2)  Wanted - Wersi Gala 'pedal board build manual' in German or English 12/7/15
 1)   Wanted -  A Wersi GP1/E Mainboard as a replacement for one that was damaged by battery leakage.


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